Blind Rapper Makes History On Spotify

Amassing Nearly Half A Million Streams In 5 Weeks

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA, USA, February 6, 2017 NovaCain, a blind rapper from Indiana, has made history on Spotify. He currently has the most streams on a single song by a blind rapper. His single ” I Should Have Went To College” has amassed nearly half a million plays in less than 5 weeks of its release. Making him the only blind independent rapper to ever do so.

After going blind at the age of 17, due to being over medicated, Novacain realized that he needed to find another passion. Not being able to play basketball left him lost and confused, until he discovered his ability to create songs. Unlike many other music performers, Novacain crafts an entire song within his mind and recites it from memory, since he is unable to write. Music has allowed him to find his purpose and fill a gap caused by blindness.

Finding inspiration from a final conversation that he had with his mother before she died, Novacain crafted a catchy tune about not going to college. He stated that he wants the song to be an inspiration to all those who have elected to chase their dreams rather than go to college and to those who have gone to college but have a burning desire to chase their dreams.

Currently, Novacain is working on developing the Braille Music Tour. This tour will be comprised of motivational speaking, a live concert, and a charitable donation to local blind schools. “I want to show blind kids to not let their disability define them, but rather define their disability.” NovaCain is planning on donating 40% of the profit from each concert. He hopes to drastically improve multiple blind programs throughout the United States. “It’s a big goal, but I won’t stop until I accomplish it.”

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