Blind Rapper Reaches Half A Million Streams On Spotify

While Focused On Increasing Blind Awareness

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, USA, — On January 3, 2017 NovaCain sat out to make history by becoming the first blind rapper to reach 1 million plays on Spotify. As of today, he has made it halfway to accomplishing this goal. “I Should Have Went To College” currently has 562,163 streams in a little over 6 weeks of being released on the digital streaming platform. Its has also been downloaded 8,576 times on Though these are great feats, the real story is what NovaCain is doing outside the studio.

NovaCain has partnered with ROCKing It Entertainment, LLC to create the Braille Music Tour. This tour will feature NovaCain visiting schools for the blind throughout the country and speaking words of encouragement. “I’m hoping that my story can inspire others to chase their dreams, no matter what obstacles life throws at them.” At the age of 17, NovaCain began losing his site due to being over-medicated by a doctor. Shortly after this, both his mother and father died. “I was truly lost at that time.” said the blind rapper. “I didn’t have my sight, I didn’t have my parents, and I had zero direction.” Fortunately for NovaCain, he discovered that he had the ability to craft rap songs. “I remember when I came up with my first song. It wasn’t that good, but I knew it was the start of something special.”

The Braille Music Tour will feature a live concert later the same evening as the visit to the school. The concert will be co-headlined by another celebrity rapper and is NovaCain’s attempt to bring the sighted and blind communities together. “Unfortunately, the sighted and blind communities don’t interact with one another often, which has caused many negative stereotypes to be developed between the two,” said NovaCain. The Braille Music Tour strives to shatter those negative stereotypes and create one large community.

Beyond the motivational speaking and live concert components, the Braille Music Tour will donate 40% of profit from each concert to the local school for the blind. “I want to make a big change in each individual program so that each child has the opportunity to maximize their learning potential. I want to do my part in helping build a culture of high functioning blind people in our society.”

ROCKing It Entertainment, LLC is working closely with sponsorship guru Linda Hollander to obtain major corporate sponsors for this tour. Stay tuned, because the Braille Music Tour may be visiting your city soon. This will be your way of enjoying a great live concert, while knowing your money is going to a great cause.

Sean Burke
ROCKing It Entertainment, LLC