Influencer Marketing


In a world where you can advertise using Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube you find yourself spending a lot of money and seeing limited results. Why? We live in an environment where people usually make a decision based on a recommendation of someone they trust. So how do you market your brand and/or product to your target audience without doing so in an interruptive format?


Use influencer marketing. Think of influencers as the popular kids in school. How do you instantly become popular? Get the popular kids to accept you into their circle and tell their friends that you are one of them. Influencers are people who have influence over their audience. If Kim Kardashian tells her followers on Instagram that she’s wearing clothes by a certain designer, that designer will see an instant growth in their revenue. So don’t waste your marketing budget utilizing interruption marketing, hire us to execute an influencer campaign for your brand today.


Our team will take the time to learn about your brand/product, your target audience, what type of results you would like, and your influencer dream team. We will then create an effective influencer marketing plan outlining how we plan to utilize each influencer. We won’t press play on the influencer marketing campaign until you’re completely confident.


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Minimum budget is $50,000